About Company

Shop belongs to company:
ul. Oriona 2
01-934 Warszawa
NIP 118-029-63-26

bank account: mBank PL 83 1140 2004 0000 3902 3631 2447

You can find us in Warsaw 01-934, Oriona Street 2 (old addres Arkuszowa Street107B)

Working houres:
Mo - Fri 10:30-18:30; 
Sat  10:30-13:30 


The "korale.pl akwarystyka morska" online store was established in 2004. For the last 13 years we have been assisting our customers in the process of aquarium set up and  selection of appropriate equipment and animals.

We offer all necessary equipment, pumps, water tests which ensure a smooth handling of Your marine aquarium. Our staff will help to choose the best solutions from our wide range of equipment. Each of our employees has many years of experience in marine fishkeeping and will be able to address any of Your questions. We stock many specimens of spectacular fish and corals. 


We co-operate and offer below mentioned companies products:
Abyzz - (very good water pumps)
AquaBee - (water pumps)
Bakker Magnetics - (magnet glass cleaner Mag-Float)
Deltec - (water pumps, skimmers, other filters)
EcoTech Marine (VorTech pumps, Radion led lamps)
Effast, Budmech, VDL - (PVC pipes)
Fauna Marin - (sea salt, food, water additives)
GHL-Profilux - (aquaristic computers ProfiLux, dosing pumps, led lamp Mitras)
Giesemann - (well know lamps, tubes, bulbes)
GroTech - (water additives, dosing pumps)
Korallen-Zucht - (sea salt, water additives)
Ocean Nutrition - (dry and frozen food for marine and fresh water animals)
Preis - (sea salt, water additives)
Prodibio - (water additives, very good nitrifcation bacteria)
Red Sea - (marine salt, water additives)
Salifert - (water tests and additives)
Schuran - (skimmers, calcium reactors, filtration sets)
Teco - (water chillers)
Tropic Marin - (sea salt, water additives)
TUNZE - (water pumps, other equipment) 

 Our company provides also comprehensive services of marine aquaria set up and supervision. We are doing our best to make sure that our customers are as happy and proud as possible with their marine or reef aquarium.