We invite to co-operate shops and people setting up aquariums
Send us a company documents on mail sklep@korale.pl. After verification you will recive a co-operations conditions.

Our company co-oparate direct with well know marine water supplier products in Europe (equipment, salt, water additions food). According dry and frozen food we co-operate with Ocean Nutrition company). 

You can buy a live animals direct from our web-page offer or in transhipping formula. We organize direct import from Indonesia (Bali and Java), Sri-Lanka and Phillipines each 2-3weeks.

We co-operate and offer below mentioned companies products:
Abyzz - (very good water pumps)
AquaBee - (water pumps)
Bakker Magnetics - (magnet glass cleaner Mag-Float)
Deltec - (water pumps, skimmers, other filters)
EcoTech Marine (VorTech pumps, Radion led lamps)
Effast, Budmech, VDL - (PVC pipes)
Fauna Marin - (sea salt, food, water additives)
GHL-Profilux - (aquaristic computers ProfiLux, dosing pumps, led lamp Mitras)
Giesemann - (well know lamps, tubes, bulbes)
GroTech - (water additives, dosing pumps)
Korallen-Zucht - (sea salt, water additives)
Ocean Nutrition - (dry and frozen food for marine and fresh water animals)
Preis - (sea salt, water additives)
Prodibio - (water additives, very good nitrifcation bacteria)
Red Sea - (marine salt, water additives)
Salifert - (water tests and additives)
Schuran - (skimmers, calcium reactors, filtration sets)
Teco - (water chillers)
Tropic Marin - (sea salt, water additives)
TUNZE - (water pumps, other equipment)